Excutive Team

Annie Dutremble

Assistant Graphic Designer, Volume XIV

Annie Dutremble is a second-year undergraduate design student who spent her first year

at Concordia in the film studies program. After experiencing the arts with a passive voice, she desired to be more active and committed to producing work. The design program has offered her a space to construct and design projects with creative control, and accomplish the ability to experiment with different mediums and integrate these influences into her work. She has been exposed to many mediums of design, however, graphic and product are her two main interests. Currently, Dutremble has been getting more involved with formatting and typography. Her main focus is to create a dialogue between the visual and the viewer. Dutremble has sold photography prints at both the art consignment shop and craft fair held at Concordia, and has been studying in the arts since her time at Dawson College and plans to pursue a career in her field.
Alexey Lazarev

Head Graphic Designer, Volume XIV

Alexey Lazarev is a visual artist currently finishing his BFA with a major in Painting & Drawing and a minor in Print Media. Alexey holds a Diploma of Higher Education in Graphic Design and Illustration from the University of Hertfordshire (UK) as well as a BA and an MA in Political Science from the Saint-Petersburg State University (Russia). Alexey has worked in the field of visual communication for over five years with international non-governmental organizations such as the World Design Organisation and the International Council of Design. This publication is the second time he has collaborated with CUJAH. Alexey is passionate about typography and experimental design that communicates ideas clearly without compromising aesthetics. His current art practice is at the intersection of themes of migration, social aspects of memory, and hybrid identities in the context of globalization. Alexey has shown his work at exhibitions in Canada, Russia, and Spain.
Eleni Speal

Communication Coordinator, Volume XIV

As a second year student in Art History and Computer Science, Eleni Speal has a curiosity about technology and the fine arts. Eleni’s main interest lies within the scope of UX/UI Design – one of many overlaps between her two passions. She spent the better part of the year as communications coordinator and loved every minute of it! When she’s not doing art history readings, you can find her fangirling over the New York Rangers.

Hannah Simone Braithwaite

Permissions Editor, Volume XIV

Hannah is a fourth year Art History student at Concordia University. She has supplemented her studies by volunteering as an editor for both The Concordia Undergraduate Journal of Art History and Yiara Magazine. Hannah also volunteered as a curator, with two fellow CUJAH members, for Art Matters' Nuit Blanche exhibition. She wishes to continue her education at a graduate level with a Masters degree in Curatorial Studies. Her personal interests lie in contemporary curatorial practices, decolonizing practices and in, studying gender and sexuality in relation to both contemporary and historical art.
Luna Restrepo

Conference Coordinator, Volume XIV

I am finishing my BFA in Art History and Studio Art at Concordia before going back to Latin America to focus my research on architecture and photography within this region. I am interested in the relationship between theory and practice and how art can be a source of activism. I try to bring a political and social Latin American background into my work while problematizing my need to extend an object’s life through utopic spaces. Over the past two years, I have been working as a photographer and communication coordinator, specialized in Hispanic countries, for the MUP FESTIVAL, a humanist short films festival in Montreal. After working with CUJAH, I decided to freelance curate events, starting with This Is Not a Guerrilla, in June 2018
Diane Wong

Events/Finance Coordinator, Volume XIV

Diane Wong is finishing her last year of undergraduate studies in Art History with a minor in Economics. She also recently completed her Certificate in the Appraisal of Fine and Decorative Arts from New York University. She worked as the Events and Finance Coordinator for CUJAH in the 2017-2018 school year to help contribute to the success of this year’s events (and made sure that we were spending our money wisely). Some of these events included: Applying for Grad School Workshop, Her Story: Professional Women in Montreal’s Art Scene, (DIS)Connect Exhibition. She also likes cats and taking photographs of graffiti.
Kimberly Glassman

Editor-in-Chief, Volume XIV

Autumn Cadorette

Managing Editor, Volume XIV

Autumn Cadorette is in her third year of a BFA in Art History and Studio Art. Her research is varied, using material culture and archives to explore topics in feminism, decolonizing practices, and museum studies among other, while her studio practice is primarily in painting and fibres, and focuses on aspects of memory and childhood. Since 2016, she has acted as a member of the board of directors, juror, and curator for the Art Matters Festival. On top of edits, she has taken on the initiative to archive and connect with team members from the previous thirteen volumes of CUJAH.


Lisa Massa

Copy Editors, Volume XIV

Lisa Massa is an undergraduate student at Concordia University majoring in Art history and Studio Art. Her academic concerns include the study, criticism, and history of art.

She is also interested in archives, research, and the publication process altogether, as some of her future goals include writing and publishing. In her studio practice, primarily focused on painting, she explores themes of female sexuality, mundanity, and materiality.
Véronique Morin

Éditrice française, Volume XIV

Suite à l’obtention d’un DEC en danse au cégep Saint-Laurent, Véronique est entrée comme étudiante de première année à la majeure en danse contemporaine l’automne dernier. Passionnée par le milieu artistique, elle fréquente régulièrement les salles de spectacle et les galeries montréalaises, à la recherche de nouvelles découvertes. Elle se consacre aussi à l’écriture sous toutes ses formes, d’où son aspiration vers une carrière de journaliste culturelle. Véronique s’implique aussi dans la création d’un nouveau festival d’arts émergents nommé l’Artival qui a tenu sa première édition en septembre 2017. À travers tous ces projets, elle veut faire découvrir au grand public montréalais toute la beauté de l’art d’ici et d’ailleurs.
Cassandra Lavoie

Éditrice française, Volume XIV

Passionnée par les arts et la culture, étudiante au baccalauréat en histoire de l’art et arts plastiques de Concordia, Cassandra Lavoie est aussi une jeune femme qui cherche constamment de nouveaux défis. Elle s’épanouit à travers des études variées (programme d’études internationales, sciences de la Nature, certificat en arts plastiques), mais aussi grâce aux nombreuses expériences bénévoles à son actif. Parmi elles, le programme Jeunesse Canada Monde qui l’aura mené en terres boliviennes. En 2016, elle entreprend l’aventure Collège Pro, et apprendra à gérer une franchise de peintres étudiants. Grâce aux aptitudes en gestion d’affaire qu’elle y aura développées, elle intègre St. Joseph Communication en 2017 en tant que coordonnatrice des ventes. Cet emploi lui aura permis d’associer le monde artistique et celui de la gestion.
Catherine McRae

English Editor, Volume XIV

Catherine McRae is a fourth year undergraduate student, majoring in Art History and Studio Art, and minoring in Sexuality Studies. Her research interests include queer theory and archives, material culture, and institutional critique. She was previously editor-in-chief of Interfold Magazine (fall 2016- fall 2018) and her writing has appeared in CUJAH and The Void.
Sophia Arnold

English Editor, Volume XIV

Sophia Arnold is a third year undergraduate student majoring in Art History and Studio Art. Her academic research has centered around 1950’s English painting, exploring themes of the commonplace, gender roles, and commercialism during this period. More recently, she has been interested in contemporary craft practices, in relation to the themes of gender roles and commercialism, but expanding them further into the role of personal and cultural identity in art and craft. Her painting practices have been influenced by this research, exploring themes of the multiplicity of identity and domestication in a contemporary landscape. Alongside this, the addition of her minor in Human Environment has influenced her into researching craftivism concerning environmental degradation to create discourse on the meeting points of areas of thought in art, politics, and geography.
Oona Ostrowski

English Editor, Volume XIV

Oona Ostrowski is a fourth-year undergraduate student in Art history and English literature. She loves talking about contemporary art, mixing drinks, and listening to jazz. She is currently learning more about Indigenous artists, interior design, and queer theory in hopes of becoming a curator.
Raven Spiratos

English Editor, Volume XIV

Raven Spiratos is currently in her final year of her Bachelor Fine Arts in Art History, and has recently been accepted into the masters of Art History program at McGill University, where she will be researching the intersection of mixed race populations, with a particular focus on Black mixed race art history in Canada, taking care to, when possible, draw from Canadian scholars that deal with Black Canadian identity. Her interests include decolonization practices, gender performance, and feminist issues; she is also interested in how curatorial techniques reinforce or denounce these problems.


Sophie Wonfor

Author, Volume XIV

Sophie Wonfor is a student in the Art History & Studio Art BFA program, about to start the last year of her degree. She began her studies at NSCAD in Halifax, where she studied printmaking and made work with plants outside of class. Her (largely not-print-based) work has been exhibited in Halifax and Montréal, most recently in the Art Matters festival. At Concordia, her poetry has been published by The Void and she has edited for Interfold. Her interests include listening, thinking about land/scape, and learning the language of plants.
Alyse Tunnel

Author, Volume XIV

Alyse Tunnell is an active researcher, artist, curator, activist, zinester, and academic pursuing her BFA in Art History. Her practice explores materiality and phenomenology, considering the ways our physical environment, sense of identity, and embodied experiences affect our perception of the world. Her academic research pertains to the ephemeral histories of subversive feminist and queer practices as well as the spaces that exhibit them. Alyse has been the two-time recipient of the Concordia Undergraduate Student Research Award, the Donald L. Boisvert Scholarship for Gay & Lesbian Studies, as well as being featured in numerous student publications and exhibitions including as a curator in the Art Matters Festival.
Roozbeh Tabandeh

Author, Volume XIV

Roozbeh Tabandeh is an Iranian musician and architect. Having a Master’s degree in architecture, he is also known as a composer, conductor, violinist and Iranian Santur player. He studied music composition at Concordia University under the supervision of Sandeep Bhagwati and Georges Dimitrov. At the same time, he extended his violin technique with Clemens Merkel. Before that, He has studied performance, music composition and conducting with some of the most well-known Iranian musicians. His compositions are performed by several ensembles around the globe including the Quatuor Bozzini, Ensemble Arkea, Orchestre Symphonique de l'Isle in Canada; Iran string orchestra and Hengam orchestra in Iran.
Website: https://www.roozbehtabandeh.com/

Marianne LeBel

Author, Volume XIV

Marianne LeBel est diplômée en histoire de l’art à Concordia. Au cours de ses études, elle s’est découvert divers intérêts tels que le kitsch, la théorie postcoloniale et les enjeux éthiques entourant la préservation de l’héritage matériel. À l’automne 2018, Marianne débutera sa maîtrise en Art Conservation à Queen’s University, profil Artefacts.
Vania Djelani

Author, Volume XIV

I am a second year undergraduate student at Concordia University, majoring in Art History and Studio Art. I am interested in exploring topics related to identity, gender, and sexuality within artistic productions.
Serena Desaulniers

Author, Volume XIV

Serena Desaulniers is a third year student at Concordia University, majoring in Communications and minoring in Art History. She recently published her essay, “The Orientalization of Bosnian Textiles During the European Arts and Crafts Movement,” in CUJAH’s volume XIV. Throughout her time in academia, she has developed an interest in researching topics which include Eastern European studies, utopic curating, and craftwork.